Privacy Policy

Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

Empath Inc. and its agents (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Company) undertake to exercise due care and attention in handling personal information that the Company gathers in connection with the operation of its websites (hereinafter referred to as the Websites).

Cases in which Customer is Requested to Provide Personal Information and Extent of Its Use

An individual accessing a Website normally need not disclose his or her name or any other personal information except in any of the following cases:

1. When a customer requests to be sent information;
2. When a customer makes any application;
3. When a customer registers himself/herself to visit an event;
4. When a customer makes an inquiry about an exhibitor;
5. When a customer registers himself/herself to receive an e-mail newsletter or updating service;
6. For some other reason not specified above (when a customer is requested to input his or her personal information for any other purpose than those specified above, the Company shall explicitly inform the customer of the purpose of use and the particulars of the requested information and, if the customer consents, the personal information to be provided shall be confined to the minimum necessary for the purpose).

Confirmation and Correction of Personal Information

Any item of information disclosed to a Website that can be used to identify an individual customer will be verified or corrected within a reasonable period of time if the customer makes a request to the Company to do so.

Regarding Supply or Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will not, except for any legitimate reason, supply any personal information provided by the customer to any third party other than to: any company to which any business of the Company has been commissioned or with whom the Company is in partnership; exhibitors supplying services; or the successor of related operations of the Company.

Measures Concerning the Safe Protection of Information

The Company shall endeavor, by taking reasonable technical measures, to protect the personal information stored in its automatic processing system from hazards including illegitimate use, loss, alteration or leakage.

Improvement and Revision of Policy on Protection of Personal Information

The Company intends to enhance and improve the way it handles customers' personal information from time to time. Any revision of documentation regarding the Company's policies on the protection of personal information resulting from such improvement shall be disclosed on the Website each time a revision is made.

Empath Inc.
December 13, 2017