Idle Away Vol.2: “Empathic Augmentation –Do Remote Workers Dream of Astronauts?”

Join our ideas webinar Idle Away Vol. 2 with Jasna Rokegem on June 29th at 12pm CEST (7pm JST)! Hosted by Sputniko! and Hazumu from Empath, Idle Away -Snacks for the Revolutionary gives you ideas while idling away in your homes, to think about how we can build our next revolutionary futures.

As a guest for each program, we have artists, scholars, activists, and entrepreneurs form all over the world. The program is in English with Japanese translation. We will have Jasna Rokegem as a speaker for our Idle Away Vol.2 “Empathic Augmentation –Do Remote Workers Dream of Astronauts?” Jasna is an award-winning young and energetic pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. She founded Jasna Rok, the first Fashion Tech design studio in Belgium, which was created to reconcile advanced technologies with interactive fashion and does so by collaborating with technology partners globally. Her visionary thinking helps decision makers in different industries imagine how to come up with more sustainable solutions.Jasna Rok’s emotional intelligent piece “(Re)Connect” was exhibited at NASA this February. Integrating an emotion AI developed by Japanese startup Empath, “(RE)Connect” detects and represents astronauts’ emotions from the voice. This Humanizing technology, will show the potential of using fashion tech for mental wellbeing, not only here on earth, but also in outer space. We will take “(RE)Connect” as an analogy for remote work and think about the potential of emotional intelligence for the mental health care in this covid-19 pandemic situation.

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Jasna Rokegem (Artist, Futuer Fashion Tech Specialist, Founder of Jasna Rok Lab.)

Sputniko! (Artist & Researcher, TED Fellow)

Hazumu (Co-founder of Empath)


Empath Inc.

Date and Time:
June 29th, 2020, 12:00-1:00 PM CEST (7:00-8:00 PM JST)

A Zoom link will be provided by e-mail to the first 100 people to register for the webinar (A YouTube live streaming link will be provided by e-mail for all the registrants). This webinar will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube.