Empath's Vocal Emotion AI has been adopted to cloud based Contact Center Solution by Marubeni Information Systems.

Empath Inc. proudly announces that their Vocal Emotion AI Empath has been adopted to the Contact Center Service called "Omnis" which is provided by Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS).

Before MSYS adopt our Vocal Emotion AI Empath, they got some requests from customers to implement with the Emotion AI to the Omnis in order to realize how both operators and customers feel during their phone call. By adopting the Emotion AI, they set a goal to help operators improve their talking skills with the customers at the contact centers.

From September 2019, MSYS is planning to launch their new contact center service which has Empath's Vocal Emotion AI.

For more details, please go to the websites below:

・Marubeni Information Systems(English) : https://www.marubeni-sys.com/english/index.html

・Omnis (only in Japanese):https://www.marubeni-sys.com/msys_omnis/