Empath SDK has been integrated with Splunk and Amazon connect.

Empath SDK has been integrated with Splunk and Amazon connect which are run by Yokogawa Electric Corperation (Yokogawa).

In this project, Yokogawa had been trying to analyze the emotions of the customers who has complaint and anger based on the Before adopting Empath, all word which do not have negative meaning was selected as "calm" by using speech-to-text solution. Therefore, even though customers have "anger" emotions, the former system recognized it as "calm" based on the speech-to-text. Then it became difficult for operators to have an appropriate communication with the customers since the system suggested untrue emotions of the customers.

After adopting Empath to the Splunk by connecting with the Amazon connect, it enables systems to recognize anger of the customers so that operators or supervisors at the call center could give escalations to the Sales Representatives directly.

Photo:The image of Splunk which has Empath Emotion AI (in Japanese).

For more details, please see the link below (only in Japanese)