Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunity to develop new emotion data research methodology and tools. We want to develop innovative solutions using emotion recognition technology to confront challenges in mental health, call center management, robotics and various other fields. This position is ideal for someone who is a great researcher who wants to analyze relationships between human behavior and emotional states in order to create new healthcare solutions and business opportunities.

Your responsibilities:

Apply machine-learning and deep-learning techniques to developing vocal emotion recognition technology using Empath dataset of voices

Develop new methods and models for machine-learning algorithms to distinguish emotions from vocal inputs

Research and develop new emotion recognition technologies

Prototype new forms of emotion sensing


An engaging and committed team member who enjoys collaboration

M.S. or PhD. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics with specialization in natural language processing, affective computing, deep-learning andor machine-learning

2+ years experience developing machine-learning models at scale from inception to business impact

Deep understanding of modern machine-learning techniques and their mathematical foundations, such as classification, recommendation systems and natural language processing

Highly experienced with programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl or Python

Preferred, but not required:

Japanese speaking, reading, and writing ability


Work with great people with diverse job experiences

Competitive salary

Paid time-off

Medical insurance

11 days paid vacation each year